Simply walking a few holes can shed a lot of life’s stresses. By replacing that negativity with a positive, fun outlet we can teach kids how to handle that which they cannot control. Their home lives can be hell on earth but the course can be a sanctuary - all we have to do is provide it.
— Christian Hafer, Founder

Our Approach

  • By working with local charities, social service groups, schools and other organizations we can identify children in need of a positive outlet. 
  • We welcome new golfers into a program designed to foster a positive environment. By working with PGA Professionals and our trained volunteers to help guide the children through the game and life.  
  • Clinics, summer camps, after school programs and caddie programs are designed to entertain, challenge and equip our golfers for life.
  • A community of golfers working to mentor children.
  • Fundraising efforts to obtain much needed access, golf equipment and supplies. 
  • Co-Fundraising events to benefit multiple charities aimed at supporting local children.

If you'd like to get involved by volunteering, donating, or partnering with us please do so HERE.